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Set 17 2018

Di corsa ai corsi. Si esauriscono

Nov 22 2010

The Silence of the Foreigners …

I wonder if anyone is reading this page dedicated to the foreigners living in Angera? Mostra » Total silence! I do hope some of you have discovered it, as it would be nice to see some comments and opinions posted. Is it that you find everything in Angera absolutely perfect and have no suggestions for …

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Ott 30 2010

Welcome to the section for foreign residents

Da oggi iniziano a collaborare due nuove redattrici. Una è una vera giornalista, l’altra una gentilissima concittadina di lingua inglese che si presta a tradurre, informare e stimolare gli stranieri d’Angera e dintorni sui temi di interesse per il nostro territorio. There are quite a number of foreigners living in Angera. Some new, perhaps still finding …

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